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Waste Reduction Reporting (for Tadweer)

Waste Reduction Implementation and Maintenance Estidama (Consultancy Services)

It is the common understanding of the natural environment that underlies environmentalism — a broad political, social, and philosophical movement that advocates various actions and policies in the interest of protecting what nature remains in the natural environment, or restoring or expanding the role of nature in this environment.

The primary goal of Tatweer Environment Division is to enhance management capabilities of commercial sector entities to comply with UAE environmental and waste management regulations.

Approximately 1.8 kg of waste is being produced by each person in Abu Dhabi, every single day. In 2011, there was a
loss of 1,800 hectares of land  to landfills. Recycling rate has yet to increase in order to preserve
Abu Dhabi's resources and to achieve a sustainable future for Abu Dhabi.
  Environmental Accreditations and Registrations

Tatweer as registered under the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and accredited by Tadweer (The Center of Waste Management) can provide you with consultancy services that can help your company comply with local regulation and international standards for environment and waste management. tadweer

  Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi
Environment services
Tatweer has been providing consultancy services over the past, enabling its clientele achieve compliance with local and federal environmental regulations.
Waste Management and Reduction Plan for Tadweer Annual Submission
Waste Volume Auditing and Reporting
Waste Management System Development and Implementation Support
Waste Management Maintenance Support
Environmental and Waste Management Training
Estidama Pearl-Building Systems

Consultancy Approach
As an example, one of Tatweer waste management consultancy processes is mapped below.
Our team of brilliant consultants have wide experience in different fields and industries. Your company could be the next to experience the Tatweer difference. Tatweer believes in providing unparalleled professional, quality, and value-added services.
Sectors Served

You can direct all of your inquiries to the email: training@tatweer.ae.
For consultancy-related inquiries, download this questionnaire and send it back for quick response.

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