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It is the common understanding of the natural environment that underlies environmentalism -a broad political, social, and philosophical movement that advocates various actions and policies in the interest of protecting what nature remains in the natural environment, or restoring or expanding the role of nature in this environment. The primary goal of Environmental Management is compliance and waste reduction. Few companies in the U.A.E offer comprehensive Environmental Management services like Tatweer does, which is why we are proud to be part of an exclusive and elite list of companies in the U.A.E- one that is a member consultant of the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi.

Our Services

Waste management Reduction plan have a key role to play in achieving sustainable waste management. Their main purpose is to give an outline of waste streams and treatment options. More specifically they aim to provide a planning framework for the following:
  • Waste management plans are required in order to get compliance status and to achieve reduction targets as per Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management) requirements.
  • Waste management plans give an outline of waste streams and quantities to be managed. Furthermore, they contribute to ensuring that the capacity and the nature of collection are in line with the waste to be managed.
Tatweer is offering service for the preparation of Waste Reduction Application documentation for the entities of Abu Dhabi based on requirements of Nadafa Program and The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi (CWM) as Sector Regulatory Authority (SRA) for the Waste Sector in compliance with all the local and international laws. This starts with the identification of different waste streams produced by the entity by doing a through audit which results into a Waste Reduction Application in the approved format of Tadweer.
In today's marketplace, there are multiple reasons to perform waste and recycling program audits. Whether your business or institution is looking to save money or want to become in-compliance with Tadweer (The Centre of waste requirements) or to increase its recycling rate, reduce its carbon footprint, or all of the above, a waste and recycling audit can provide numerous benefits. Tatweer environmental consultancy offers waste audits as per Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management) requirements and following additional purposes:
  • Waste generation and recycling rate projections
  • Waste stream composition and capture rate analysis
  • Employee recycling education and incentive programs
  • Contract review with Environmental Service Providers (ESP)
  • To check the compliance level on quarterly, Bi- yearly basis.
As an innovation and practical solution provider, Tatweer not only document waste management plans for the entities but also assist them to develop a system that are completely in line with the requirements of Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management). Once completely implemented, it will help entities to be in complete compliance status with the Tadweer, one of sector regulatory authority of Abu Dhabi that will result in huge saving for entities by avoiding the penalties every year.
We are also providing services for the Maintenance support. Either you already have a system in place but not getting the desired result. Tatweer can help you to achieve the results but providing the maintenance support for the developed waste management system.
EBS consultation by Tatweer encompasses an interdisciplinary survey of existing environmental conditions of the proposed project site in conjunction with a joint operational project plan.It also documents its risk history,excluding monitoring plan and mitigation measures. This survey is a requirement prior to conduction of environmental assessments (i.e. PER,SEA and EIA) to define the site's environmental setting and is a process content of environmental assessments .
Tatweer's conducts PER, meant for all small to medium size entities likely to pose only low cumulative environmental impacts. This report includes the project's description, its affiliated potential environmental impacts along with its alternatives, monitoring and mitigation plan.
Tatweer can aid in identifying the type of assessment (EIA/SEA) you require to be in compliance and to sustain your commitments and targets towards the environment.We will assist you through the proposition of approach to conduct relevant assessments,concerned baseline data collection and monitoring plan.
Tatweer conducts tailored ERAs for clients with the objective of placing relevant practices and policies in routine there by achieving reduced risks, having a system in place to minimize and measure risks and a pro-active approach to prevent risks.
EIA is an elevated and comprehensive assessment consultation service by Tatweer,required by medium to large scale project developments and sites with no previous environmental studies, having potential significant impacts characterized from moderate to severe.
Tatweer enables its clients to effectively comply with environmental regulations, statutes and local laws through a pro-active and in-time approach thereby achieving the status of environmental due diligence.

As per the applicable federal and local environmental laws enforced by Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi and regulatory standards of OSHAD, it is mandatory for every entity to limit its emissions and noise levels up to Threshold LimitValues (TLV) and noise standards.

We can help you ensure your compliance to regulatory standardization and your commitments by our monitory services through;

  • Ambient Air Quality Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Noise Pollution Assessment
If you want to decrease the occurrence and severity of work related injuries in your office and at the same time increase the productivity and health of each worker,you can ask us for:

  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment
  • Training on Ergonomics Awareness
  • Ergonomics Management Plan

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