Tatweer is not an average Consulting company which undertakes scores of projects and uses cookie cutter approach.

At Tatweer we do few projects at a time with focus to the partnered client companies. We believe in providing customized, innovative and out of box solutions to our client and society in general. Following are some of the projects worth highlighting. The list is partial and does not include our routine.

1. Public and Onsite Training for Soft Skills, VAT, ISO MS, HR, UAE Labor Law and others.
2. ISO Management System Projects (ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 2000, ISO 27001, ISO 22001, ISO 22301) and OSHAD Requirements
3. Management System Maintenance Projects
4. Excellence Award consultancy projects (DQA and SKEA)
5. Waste Management Consultancy Projects and
6. Environmental Studies Projects

This project aimed to help a state of the art Internationally Accredited Health Care Facility in Abu Dhabi (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi) to increase its waste recycling rate by 50% at a minimum to meet local and international requirements:
  • By sourcing cost effective solutions locally and/or internationally for waste to be recycled;
  • By guiding and informing The Facility on legal requirements (e.g. authorized waste recyclers to operate within UAE, etc.) to achieve the goal.
  • By training the facility vendors/suppliers to manage waste responsibly.

This was achieved by a careful procedural scope of work carried in following project stages:

Phase I: Initial Assessment of Existing Recycling System and Material Categories of Waste Stream

Phase II: Exploration of Means and Methodologies for Waste Minimization via Recycling, Reuse, and Reduce

Phase III: Completion and Update of Existing Awareness Training Module Covering the Waste Recycling Program of The Facility

Phase IV: Auditing and Inspection of The Facility Vendors

Phase V: Development of Waste Reduction Action Plan and Waste Transportation Policy for The Facility

Phase VI: Assistance for Effective Liaison with Competent Authorities for Maintaining The Facility's Service Transport Permits

Coding Green Gene was a unique environmental project targeting students of Grade 10-12 students. The program was tailored to serve following objectives:

Train students with knowledge and skills related to:

Sustainability and Renewable Energy

Environmental Management Systems (EMS / ISO 14001)

Environmental Aspect and Impacts

Conducting EMS Internal Audit of Sponsoring Company

Provide opportunity for environmental friendly organizations linking in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) role with the impacts on upcoming professional generation

By introducing 'Toner Reborn' to the market, commercial consumers now have a better option in managing this waste stream. They can save on cost, produce quality print-out, and recycle all at the same time!
This project was undertaken by Environment Division at Tatweer and was named as "Toner Reborn". Our environmental engineers had provided solution to help Clients manage their cartridge/toner waste.
Tatweer had conducted a project to assess and calculate satisfaction levels of employees of a large commercial entity . The objective was to
  • Conceive, develop and design satisfaction survey for employees.
  • Execute employees satisfaction survey in a neutral and unbiased environment.
  • To measure employees satisfaction for the living standards as well as work related ethical and regulatory issues.
  • To analyze captured feedback and present trends and statistics for the entity's management in order to take further actions.
The criteria of the study was to undertake surveys within work as well as employee's accommodations to check the following but not limited to:

Facility Management



Food Services and more..

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