Value-added Services

We at Tatweer are not just content at providing you with standard services. We look for ways to identify opportunities on how your organization can improve your services and functions through a variety of measures. These measures are developed with an eye on a world which constantly changing and a market that has growing needs and concerns which need to be addressed in a dynamic manner. We are proud to present a host of services that will provide discernable and positive value to your business.

Every job needs people who are committed to their roles with the utmost sincerity in order to make the company venture a profitable one. Our job shadow auditors will shadow your employees for a specific time frame and observe their job routine and activities performed. Based on their observation, they submit an assessment with reviews on job performance, efficiency and measure to improve quality and performance and also to measure up to the area of function as defined in their job descriptions.
How would you know whether customers are happy with your product or if they had some feedback on improving your products unless you interact with them? Through our customer satisfaction surveys we get to know what impresses the customers and what turns them to seek other brands. The surveys we provide you with will basically act as mirror of what your business looks like from the outside. Using this information, we can then devise an action plan and strategy to take your business to higher levels of performance and success.
A job description is a written statement explaining why a job exists, what the job holder actually does, how they do it and under what conditions the job is performed. One of the most important sets of documents that a business can have is a current and clearly expressed set of job/position descriptions. Job descriptions are an essential part of hiring and managing your employees. These written summaries ensure your applicants and employees understand their roles and what they need to do to be held accountable. Through our vast experience, we can provide your employees with the perfect job descriptions that aptly describe and define their roles and functions.
Customer Satisfaction has become the norm and top priority for all companies in the present day scenario. However how would you be able to keep your customers satisfied if your own employees are not satisfied? An employee satisfaction survey is like a performance review for your organization. Knowing where you stand with employees enables you to identify areas for improvement. Surveys pinpoint staff priorities, showing you where you should focus your efforts. Our training will ensure you of the best means to understand your employees through Employee Satisfaction surveys and better serve your customers through them.
Sometimes the best insight into making a product or service perfect is by getting to know what the customers want. Through our Mystery shopping reports, we will offer comprehensive information on how consumers are reacting to different marketing campaigns, store designs, promotions, etc. Our mystery shoppers are essentially the connecting link between consumers and business. In reporting their experiences they help businesses understand how efficiently they are presenting themselves and their products to customers.
Effective internal communications is commonly understood by practitioners to improve employee engagement and therefore to add significant value to organizations on metrics from productivity to customer research. The art of communicating with people from different levels is slowly getting forgotten in this fast paced world however it is still a necessity rather than a liability. Through our one day training program, participants will be taught the various styles of company communication and how to vary in communication methods depending on the levels of company hierarchy.
Evaluating training effectiveness is important because it sheds light on aspects such as effectiveness of the training program in terms of meeting the learner's needs and objectives, knowledge and skills imparted to learners, desirable changes in the learner's performance and the organizational benefits it has yielded The post training evaluations are designed for clients who wish to go beyond the training room and would like to focus on the implementation strategy. This methodological process is carried out in 4 phases through the use of survey tools, personal action plans, and post training tests and over all summarization of each individual trainee with respect to their level of understanding with scope for development.

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